Flare Capture

With GTUIT’s modular and scalable flare capture system, gas flaring is all but eliminated, turning flares into usable energy, reducing emissions and creating revenue.

Gas Conditioning

A common beneficial use of raw wellhead gas is combustion for power generation. In some cases, it can be burned in an engine or turbine to recover the energy as mechanical or electrical power.

Frac Power

Through its mobile fleet of gas conditioning equipment, GTUIT is leading the global energy producers towards greater efficiency and utilization of available wellsite resources.

NGL Recovery

Our design is aimed at the sweet spot of thermodynamics, material science and oilfield operations. The process opens with proprietary flow control to deliver product at a consistent flow rate and pressure.

H2S Treatment

H2S Treatment

By using our proprietary gas to liquid contactor and chemical catalyst system to remove H2S from a gas stream, we have achieved scalable, regenerative Sulphur recovery which bridges the gap between chemical solvents and treatment plants.

Remote Monitoring

GTUITs proprietary remote monitoring system and integrated intelligence enables equipment to be monitored remotely via satellite-based telemetry available worldwide and includes proprietary process control and integrated safety systems.