GTUIT MobileMidstream

We offer turnkey, end to end, no-hassle operations and maintenance services for all applications of GTUIT technology; this is GTUIT MobileMidstream. We provide your full energy logistics including gas conditioning, flare gas compression, flare gas liquid recovery and the required, sales, transport, logistics, and fuel preparation. All operation, mobilization, maintenance, NGL handling, and marketing are performed by GTUIT representatives. By keeping ownership of these responsibilities, less burden is placed on an operator to learn and maintain new equipment and operational reliability is maximized.

Implementing GTUIT MobileMidstream will help you improve your ESG and move to zero emission well sites by using every molecule of hydrocarbon.

GTUIT Operational Excellence and Support

GTUIT Systems are designed using logic and automaton controllers with real time telemetry for rapid troubleshooting and minimized downtime. Our fleet of technicians is on call 24/7 and dispatched from our regional operations and crew quarters. Daily site checks, equipment setup, troubleshooting, maintenance, spare parts and repairs are included in our service. We provide all compression, power generation equipment and storage tanks as part of our comprehensive service and require only a small footprint to land our equipment and a tie in point for our piping connections.

We can help you meet and exceed your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and legislative targets with solutions which are both environmentally and economically sustainable.

Safety first

GTUIT equipment and operations maintain best in class safety through engineering and operational barriers. Equipment is designed, manufactured, and tested using ISO 9001 QMS standards with a full ESD network between systems and fail closed isolation. Electrical components are designed to Class 1 Division 2 electrical standards and include remote monitoring and shutdown capabilities. With over one million operating hours, a TRIR of 0.0, and a Mod rate of 0.87, GTUIT operations have a proven record of safety.

U.S. Centered with Global Reach

With our company Head Office in Montana, operations centers established in North Dakota, Texas, and Colorado and the ability to launch new operations centers rapidly, GTUIT can support your needs wherever you may be in the U.S. With our international office in Dubai (UAE) and with the support of trusted global partners we are also able to consider projects globally. Review the Technology we can offer as part of our full-service contracts and contact us for more information.