Mobile Gas Processing

The GTUIT System

The core of the GTUIT System is our mobile gas processing; a completely integrated package comprising onboard compression, refrigeration, liquids handling and flow control. These are modular and scalable platforms that have significant flexibility and turndown capabilities. Our systems take high BTU field gas from nearly any source and remove free liquids, particulates, water, and natural gas liquids (NGL).

The GTUIT design is aimed at the sweet spot of thermodynamics, material science and oilfield operations. The process opens with proprietary flow control to deliver product at a consistent flow rate and pressure. The gas is compressed before GTUIT patent-pending chiller technology lowers temperature to condense heavier natural gas liquids (NGL) or flare gas liquid (FGL) out of the gas. These liquids are often considered an impurity for producers looking to harvest lighter Methane and Ethane. Still, NGLs are a highly profitable commodity, and recovery dramatically reduces emissions to meet ESG targets, to conserve energy for later use.

Flexible Design

One of the biggest challenges faced is the variations in raw feed gas flow, pressure, and chemistry. The GTUIT System is specifically designed to tolerate variable raw gas parameters and deliver a steady stream of processed gas of consistent quality, energy content, flow rate, temperature, and pressure. Fluctuations in supply gas flow and chemistry are managed within the system, and capability for 100% recycle allows maximum efficiency by conserving processed gas.

GTUIT gas processing equipment is mobile, modular, scalable, and easily moved between locations, with processing capacity added or removed as gas volumes change. Equipment takedown and re-deployment can be accomplished in less than 24 hours, minimizing downtime, and maximizing gas capture volumes. When gas capture has been completed at a well site, the modular units can be quickly moved to another location or can remain in place for the life of production.

Proven Reliability

All equipment has proprietary process control and integrated safety systems which can be monitored remotely to provide the highest quality field service and operational efficiency. GTUIT is a U.S. based Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) providing engineering and manufacturing using an ISO 9001 certified quality management system. GTUIT engineers have designed robust equipment with thorough field testing and years of operation in temperatures ranging from -40F to +110F in North Dakota, USA. GTUIT now has over one million hours of operations processing wellhead gas, experiencing a wide variety of conditions from West Texas to North Dakota and globally from the sub-tropical humidity of South America to the blistering dry deserts of the Middle East.

Based on raw gas parameters, composition and flow rate, the correct combination of GTUIT Technology can be specified to meet your requirements.

GTUIT Technology Benefits


  • Mobile units can be quickly moved to another site
  • Takedown and set up in as little as 24 hours
  • Systems can remain in place for as long as required


  • Designed, manufactured, and tested using ISO 9001 QMS standards
  • Class 1 Division 2 electrical standards, fail closed isolation and auto shutdown
  • Proven record of safety with TRIR of 0.0 and a Mod rate of 0.87


  • Scalable systems with significant turndown capabilities for flexible capacity
  • Modules can be combined from 250 MCFD to over 10000 MCFD
  • Trailer-mounted systems of 500, 1000 & 1500 MCFD available with larger systems purpose-built

Sustainable (ESG)

  • Minimize flaring, incineration, and other wasteful practices
  • Achieve and surpass corporate and legislative ESG targets
  • Significantly reduce site CO2 and VOC emissions


  • Designed for and operating in all environments, from -40F to +110F
  • Proprietary automation control and remote monitoring
  • Equipment proven uptime over 98%


  • Monetize product which is otherwise wasted
  • Replace diesel and other fuel costs for huge savings
  • Direct returns on turn-key operations and rapid ROI on equipment sales

Revenue Streams

Conditioned Field Gas

Conditioned field gas recovered after the removal of Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) may be available to be monetized using one or more of the following methods:

  • Replacement of diesel with conditioned field gas yields huge cost savings
  • Conditioned field gas export through sales pipelines
  • Conditioned field gas export through virtual pipelines or mobile LNG/CNG
  • Gas power generation and sale to the power grid or local industry

Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs)

Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) recovered from gas conditioning may be available to be monetized using one or more of the following methods:

  • NGLs can be transported by truck and sold to fractionation facilities
  • Injection of NGLs into oil export pipeline will swell oil export, improve oil API and even replace diluent
  • NGL power generation and sale to the power grid or local industry