Automation Control

Maximize uptime with integrated system control

At the core of all GTUIT systems is Automation and Control. GTUIT utilizes cutting edge Programmable Automation Control (PAC) equipment and technology to maximize uptime by controlling an entire installation as one system rather than a collection of individual components. Our proprietary automation control software was developed in-house and is built specifically for the modern oilfield. Our powerful platform securely manages data and remote access, integrating with our HMI for system visualization, monitoring and control. Our automation control systems are durable in design suitable for the most challenging environments, such as outdoor cabinets in hot climates, with proven reliability and field-tested performance. Safety is at the forefront of design with equipment using a full ESD network between systems and fail closed isolation. Electrical components are designed to Class 1 Division 2 electrical standards and all systems include remote monitoring and shutdown capabilities. 

Whatever the application, our proprietary automation control can manage your requirements safely and efficiently.