Remote Monitoring

Intelligent Technology

GTUIT’s proprietary remote monitoring system and integrated intelligence enables equipment to be monitored remotely via satellite-based telemetry available worldwide and includes proprietary process control and integrated safety systems. It is a powerful tool for equipment management that provides operators, service personnel and managers information on a wide range of vital machine functions from the numerous sensors integrated into the design.

If the remote monitoring system detects an abnormal condition in any of the machine’s systems, it will alert the operator and instruct them to take appropriate action, whether it’s modifying machine operation, notifying of maintenance, or performing a safe shutdown of the machine. This improves availability, component life, and production while reducing both repair cost and the risk of a failure. The remote monitoring system also includes all production and performance information, visually displaying data trends for your ease of use.

Whatever the application, our remote monitoring system will keep you informed in real-time.

GTUIT Remote Monitoring: Key Benefits

  • Automate equipment performance measurement
  • Transmit data in real-time
  • Improve production with real-time remote monitoring and control
  • Use human resources more efficiently
  • Minimize the required number of trips to sites
  • Track service hours of equipment to schedule preventative maintenance
  • Minimize downtime