About Us

Solutions you can trust

GTUIT is committed to providing innovative solutions that create economic value, reduce emissions and conserve valuable energy resources. We value our customers and work closely with them to meet their needs. We know the importance of no-hassle service, which is why we have designed a business model in which our clients receive comprehensive 24/7 service from our experienced technicians.

We place a top priority on working safely, and strive to exceed industry safety standards. We train our technicians on the latest safety protocols and reinforce the importance of workplace safety every day.

We value our people. We hire the best and train our technicians on the latest equipment and technology we bring to the job site. We are problem solvers. We value the environment. Our equipment makes a large positive impact on the environment in the oil-producing regions in which we operate.


Our History

In 2012, three engineers with decades of experience in the energy industry founded GTUIT with the goal of reducing natural gas flaring in North America and around the world. Caterpillar made an equity investment in the Billings, Montana-based company in 2015 to help bring these solutions to Cat customers.

GTUIT’s innovations have led to both economic and environmental benefits. In addition to less wasted gas and fewer emissions, GTUIT’s solution provides energy companies with marketable products they can use to decrease operating costs and boost revenues.


Our Team

Experienced engineers make up GTUIT’s senior management team. They have decades of years of experience in the oil and gas industry and have launched many successful businesses. They are experts in a variety of disciplines.

At GTUIT, their knowledge is put to work developing technologies to solve energy management challenges. They seek out partnerships that add value to the associated gas producing process. They are committed to delivering world-class service to their clients.

Brian Cebull

President & CEO

Cebull has more than 25 years experience in the oil and gas industry. As a hands-on partner in Nance Petroleum, he helped in the transition when St. Mary Land & Exploration, now SM Energy, acquired the company in 1999. He co-founded a private oil and gas exploration and production company in 2008.

Mark C. Peterson

Professional Engineer, Chief Operating Officer

Peterson has a successful background in air quality and environmental consulting spanning 18 years. He co-founded PureTech, a company created to treat coalbed methane produced water. The technology was introduced to the industry in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin.

James L. Haider

Professional Engineer, Chief Technology Officer

Haider was the founder and managing member of Chinook Engineers and Associates, an engineering and consulting firm. He was also a co-founder of PureTech, a coalbed methane water treatment company. He has 15 years experience in the oil and gas industry and 25 years experience in manufacturing and quality control.