Safety & Sustainability (ESG)

Safety First

GTUIT equipment and operations maintain best in class safety through engineering and operational barriers. Equipment is designed, manufactured and factory tested using ISO 9001 QMS standards with a full ESD network between systems and fail closed isolation. Electrical components are designed to Class 1 Division 2 electrical standards and include remote monitoring and shutdown capabilities. With over one million operating hours, a TRIR of 0.0, and a Mod rate of 0.87, GTUIT operations have a proven record of safety.

ESG – Flare Capture

Routine flaring has become far too commonplace in oil and gas exploration, production, and processing operations. It is estimated that 5,200 billion cubic feet or 147 billion cubic meters of gas is flared worldwide per day, which equates to 3.5% of the global gas production. 90% of the total gas flared occurs in upstream production areas, where gas may be stranded or isolated by lack of infrastructure or complexity to handle due to gas composition and contaminants including Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S).

With GTUIT’s modular, scalable flare capture system, gas flaring is all but eliminated, turning flares into usable energy, reducing emissions and meeting ESG targets, while generating revenue.

ESG – Direct Fueling

Natural gas is frequently an underutilized utility in oilfield operation that, when leveraged correctly, can dramatically impact the realization of operational ESG goals. Further to our Flare Capture applications, GTUIT Direct Fueling provides the opportunity for operators to substitute up to 100% of their diesel and trucked CNG for drilling and completions with readily available field gas. By substituting with field gas site emissions are reduced as well as emissions from the production and transport of both diesel and CNG. In addition to the environmental benefits, road miles are greatly reduced by removing multiple daily fuel deliveries from fuel intensive completion operations.

ESG – GTUIT Performs

GTUIT has processed over 2 billion cubic feet of gas, preventing wasteful emission of over 1 million tons harmful of CO2 and VOCs. We can help you improve business sustainability, meet corporate ESG and legislative requirements, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating unnecessary waste of valuable products that can be efficiently captured and monetized.