GTUIT Cyclone ™

Named after Cyclone Peak and Lake, located in North West Montana. GTUIT Cyclone harnesses air-cooled technology to deliver our most economic and compact system.

Cyclone delivers economic fuel conditioning for natural gas engines in a compact solution for up to 450 MSCFD or 2 MW equivalent.

GTUIT Cyclone is a fuel filter, producing consistent quality gas regardless of raw gas composition, flow or ambient conditions.

GTUIT Cyclone Technology Benefits

450 MSCFD gas processing capacity

Cost savings with economic fuel conditioning

Fuel up to 2 MW per system at +45 MN

Modular system scalable to requirements

Compact footprint at 30ft x 8ft

Mobile skid or trailer mounted options

Additional revenue with NGL production

Operates in ambient up to 108°F without derate

Dimensions L x W x H :

30ft x 8ft x 13’6ft

Ambient temp. range :

  -20°F to 108°F

Weight :

  7.5 tons

Raw gas max. flow rate :

  450 MSCFD

Power cons. Ops / FLA :

  102 / 120 kWh

Treated gas temp :

  55°F to 60°F

Raw gas temp. range :

  -20°F to 108°F

Treated gas pressure max :

  145 psig

Raw gas min. pressure :

  15 psig

Treated gas Mn :

  + 45 MN

Raw gas min. Mn :

  0 Mn

Fuel power generation :

  up to 2 MW