Sustainability that pays

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Gas Treatment Using Intelligent Technology

Leaders in distributed gas treatment and monetization.

GTUIT’s mobile, modular and scalable, gas processing solutions eliminate gas waste and reduce emissions, empowering companies to surpass ESG and legislative targets. Our proven and reliable solutions monetize product which is otherwise wasted, replace fuel to decrease operating costs, and provide marketable products to boost revenues. Our team of distributed gas experts will introduce you to sustainability that pays.


GTUIT Technology Applications

Flare Capture

With GTUIT’s modular and scalable flare capture system, gas flaring is all but eliminated, turning flares into usable energy, reducing emissions and creating revenue.

Fuel Conditioning

Our suite of fuel conditioning systems process raw gas into a dry, consistent fuel that improves engine efficiency and engine life as well as reducing maintenance and risk of engine failures. 

Fuel Drill & Completions

GTUIT leads the industry towards greater efficiency and utilization of available wellsite resources. We are fueling gas fired and dual fuel frac fleets and drilling rigs by conditioning field gas at the well site and delivering it directly to the engines powering operations.

NGL Recovery

Improve business sustainability, meet ESG and legislative requirements, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating unnecessary flaring of valuable products that can be efficiently captured and monetized.

Tank Vapor Monetization

Combusting destroys a source of additional revenue and profits plus increases your company’s risk for environmental fines. With GTUIT’s RVM system, operators can significantly reduce site emissions of VOCs and CO2 to meet and exceed ESG targets.

Remote Monitoring

GTUITs proprietary remote monitoring system and integrated intelligence enables equipment to be monitored remotely via satellite-based telemetry worldwide and includes proprietary control and safety systems.