NGL Recovery

GTUIT NGL Recovery

The GTUIT design is aimed at the sweet spot of thermodynamics, material science and oilfield operations. The process opens with proprietary flow control to deliver product at a consistent flow rate and pressure. The gas is compressed before mechanical refrigeration, lowering temperature to condense heavier natural gas liquids (NGL) or flare gas liquid (FGL) out of the gas; these are often considered an impurity for producers looking to harvest lighter Methane and Ethane but NGLs are a highly profitable commodity and recovery dramatically reduces emissions and conserves energy for later use.

Our engineers designed equipment that is rugged, mobile and modular to meet the special conditions found at well sites in the Bakken, home to frigid winters and scorching summers with temperatures ranging from -40F to +110F. The equipment is now operating across the western oil producing states from West Texas to North Dakota and globally into the sub-tropical humidity of South America to the blistering dry deserts of the Middle East.

Modular Design Provides Rapid Setup Maximizing Value

Our design was subjected to thorough field-testing in the extreme heat and cold of North Dakota before going to the field. We also incorporated remote monitoring to provide highest quality field service and operational efficiency for difficult-to-reach wells. We built in multiple layers of integrated safety systems and automatic shutoffs.

Our equipment and manufacturing processes are ISO 9001:2008 compliant. GTUIT is the only provider of flare capture and NGL production in the Bakken that complies with ISO standards. Our mobile modules can be quickly moved. Equipment takedown and re-deployment can be accomplished in less than 24 hours, minimizing downtime and maximizing NGL recovery and gas capture volumes.  Our uptime is over 90%, confirming that our system delivers on our promise.

Based on a gas analysis and flow rates, the correct combination of gas sweetening, gas conditioning, NGL recovery, storage and power generation modules can be specified to meet your requirements.

Revenue Stream - Conditioned High Methane Gas

Conditioned High Methane Gas which is recovered after the removal of Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) may be available to be monetized using the following methods:

Replacement of local site diesel power generation. Replacement of a relatively small amount of diesel power generation with readily available conditioned flare gas may yield significant savings in diesel and transportation costs.

Gas export through gas export pipelines. Once the gas has been conditioned it may reach the required specification of locally available gas export pipelines. If gas export pipelines are not available then ‘Virtual Pipelines’ may be used.

Gas export through Virtual Pipelines or mobile LNG/CNG. GTUIT has worked with companies who produce mobile LNG/CNG technologies in order to export conditioned gas when pipelines are not available.

Power generation and export to the national power grid or to local business or infrastructure. Dependent on local and national requirements, it may be possible to sell power to local and national users.

Revenue Stream - Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs)

Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) recovered from gas conditioning will be collected and stored at low pressure. These may be available to be monetized using one or many of the following methods:

Additional power generation using NGLs. GTUIT has worked with partners to implement modified turbines which may burn Natural Gas Liquids produced at a site.

Reinjection of NGLs into the oil pipeline, expanding Client oil export. NGLs may be used to swell an operator’s oil production, improve API, and even replace diluent which may have previously been required due to heavy crude composition.

Transport of NGLs by truck for processing and direct monetization. NGLs may be stored in standard LPG storage and trucked to fractionation facilities for further processing into refined products.

Key Facts

The inlet gas stream is chilled and compressed to drop out liquids.

We recover over 80% of the C3+ gas.

When gas capture has been completed at a well site, or the well is connected to a gas pipeline, our modular units can be quickly moved to another site.

Equipment takedown and setup can be accomplished in as little as one day

For stranded wells, our units can remain in place for the life of production.

Systems are available as 500 MCFD and 1,000 MCFD trailer-mounted units and 3000 MCFD skid mounted units can be combined to meet specific needs at each well site, from 300 MCFD to over 20,000 MCFD.