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GTUIT MobileMidstream brings full value to producers

GTUIT is moving beyond capture of flare gas and production of NGL to create GTUIT MobileMidstream. We work with our oilfield partners to develop profitable outlets for NGL and conditioned field gas. The goal is to bring full value to producers for their well production, reduce emissions and put these recovered energy resources to work in the region.

  • Mobile Midstream
  • Mobile Midstream
  • Mobile Midstream
  • Mobile Midstream

The outlets for the NGLs and conditioned field gas include:

  • Turbine power generation
  • Reciprocating-engine-based field power generation
  • Micro-grid power
  • Utility-grade field gas distribution system
  • Compressed natural gas
  • Liquefied natural gas
  • Field produced commercial grade propane
  • Frac water heating solutions
  • Water treatment
  • Energy for underserved communities
  • Other energy intensive oilfield uses

We have partnerships with large equipment manufacturers and midstream energy companies to further develop these opportunities to keep the energy close.  GTUIT controls the processing of much of the gas it recovers, as well as the marketing and sales of NGL and conditioned field gas, making it a driving force in this pioneering initiative.

To learn more about the promise of GTUIT MobileMidstream, contact us today at 406-876-6700.

  • Flare Gas CaptureOur systems help producers reduce flare gas emissions at the well site, conserving energy and cutting pollution.
  • Pipeline OptimizationRemoving water and associated gas from crude oil will optimize pipeline performance.
  • Gas Conditioning LNG/CNGOur equipment uses proprietary flow control, mechanical refrigeration and compression to achieve maximum recovery of liquid natural gas and compressed natural gas.
  • Storage Tank Vapor RecoveryWe recover volatile natural gas vapor from storage tanks, making it a usable and profitable energy source.
  • Diesel ReplacementWe capture and process otherwise wasted energy that can be used as a replacement for diesel fuel.
  • Field Propane ProductionWe produce commercial-grade propane in the field, which can be used to fuel local energy needs.
  • Crude Oil StabilizationOur systems can remove natural gas liquids from crude oil before shipment, reducing the volatility of the oil.
  • Fuel Conditioning Power GenerationOur equipment takes raw natural gas from the wellhead and consistently produces a nearly natural-gas-line-quality dry gas, which when converted to liquid state, can be used to provide local power.


Mobile Midstream