Compressed Flare Gas

Liquified Flare Gas

Since 2015, GTUIT has worked with LNG service providers to establish an entirely new industry model in monetizing the traditionally wasted resource – associated gas – that is flared at a wellsite.

GTUIT’s Liquified Flare Gas services provide turnkey solutions for conditioning flare gas to produce the gas stock for LNG processing equipment. GTUIT has demonstrated the viability of its LFG service offering with oil producers in the extreme environmental conditions of North Dakota’s Bakken region. Together with its LNG processing partners, GTUIT has produced more than a million gallons of Liquified Flare Gas directly from associated gas at its point of origin: the wellsite. Finding creative solutions that benefit industry, communities, and the environment is what GTUIT is all about.


How much natural gas liquid has GTUIT recovered from well sites to date?

Total NGLs Recovered (gallons)

How much carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds has GTUIT recovered from well sites to date?

Total CO2 Recovered (tons)


Total VOCs Recovered (tons)


GTUIT fee includes
equipment setup, maintenance,
spare parts, system moves and daily site checks.