Compressed Flare Gas

Flare Gas Liquids

Methane, ethane, and natural gas liquids (NGLs) are the primary byproducts of processing wellsite associated gas at a regional gathering and processing facility.

Unfortunately, a substantial percentage of new wells, and many older legacy wells, have limited access to gas takeaway pipelines and are forced to flare associated gas as part of the oil extraction process. The quantity of these “stranded” wells is immediately apparent when one drives through any oil-producing region and sees the bright orange flares dotting the horizon. When associated gas is flared, all the energy potential contained within the gas (methane, ethane, and NGLs) literally goes up in smoke. GTUIT’s mobile Flare Gas Liquids services allow oil producers to dramatically reduce their wellsite flaring and capture up to 80% of the NGLs that would have otherwise been flared. FGLs are NGLs that are produced right at the wellsite using GTUIT’s proprietary mobile flare capture systems. Because FGLs originate right at the wellsite, all the other costs associated with gas pipelines and takeaway infrastructure are eliminated, as well as the emissions produced by flaring or combusting associated gas. To date, GTUIT has produced more than 2 million barrels of FGLs. The benefits of GTUIT’s FGL services cannot be overstated: Good for industry, Good for communities, Good for the environment.

Flare Gas Liquids

How much natural gas liquid has GTUIT recovered from well sites to date?

Total NGLs Recovered (gallons)

How much carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds has GTUIT recovered from well sites to date?

Total CO2 Recovered (tons)


Total VOCs Recovered (tons)


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