[Fuel Gas Conditioning]

Improve Gas Quality to Increase Efficiency, Reduce Engine Maintenance and Improve Project Economics

“When gas quality is at its worst, GTUIT is at its best”… Improving gas quality is GTUIT’s business. Our suite of Fuel Conditioning Systems process raw gas into a dry, consistent fuel that improves engine efficiency (minimizes derate) as well as reduces maintenance. In addition to reducing derate, gas treated by GTUIT equipment offers the greatest consistency in fuel, minimizing shutdowns common with fluctuating fuel heating values frequently encountered with other treatment methods. Our scalable equipment can be tailored to your specific engine’s required fuel quality and flow rates, whether it is as low as MN45 or as high as MN65+.


GTUIT’s equipment can be delivered skid or trailer mounted or in ISO containers for foreign delivery. We have over 550,000+ hours of reliable operation. Units can be configured for artic or desert environments or anything in-between… oil field proven, rugged, and reliable.

Let us send you our Project Scoping Document so we can show you which GTUIT FCS unit would work best for your project