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Inc 500 ListGTUIT®, LLC has earned the 203rd position on Inc. magazine’s Inc. 500 list of fastest–growing private American companies.

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Manufacturing Oil

October, 2014

The very nature of the oil and gas industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation. It has become a manufacturing process – no longer one of exploration, according to one entrepreneur and manufacturing expert.

By Evelyn Pyburn

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Looking for Solutions to Flaring Waste

September, 2014

Flaring gas is like burning dollar bills.  But in this case, the oil and gas industry is burning the George Washingtons to get to the Benjamin Franklins.  Natural gas is abundant, highly useful, relatively clean, and in the way.  Today, it is being burned uselessly in flare stacks at a rate not seen in decades.  This has caught the attention and ire of citizens and environmentalist, not to mention royalty owner.

By Henry Terrell

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Partners In Flare Reduction

June, 2014

The venture between a relatively new technology provider and a nationally recognized EPC contractor hints at the current state of flare reduction in the Bakken and what some are doing to provide solutions to the challenge.

“North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple believes that 2014 will be a pivotal year for the state’s oil and gas industry and that several years from now, developments and regulations put in place this year will be credited for forming the industry’s future. For Dalrymple, the future starts this summer, when regulations designed to promote greater flare gas capture take effect.”

By Luke Geiver

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Corval Group and Gtuit Announce Strategic Partnership Focusing on Associated Gas Capture

May, 2014

“GTUIT and Corval Group are pleased to announce the formation of a strategic partnership focused on the Oil & Gas Upstream business sector. The partnership delivers engineered solutions addressing the capture, conditioning, and beneficial use of associated gas at the well pad. Through this partnership, GTUIT and Corval Group work jointly with Upstream operators and Midstream processors to establish unique solutions that address their specific drilling, production, and processing strategies.”

Source: Press Release

Flaring Alternatives Grabbing Gas Value

May, 2014

“Flaring the natural gas from oil well production in North Dakota has initiated public outcry and new regulations, but it has also spurred entrepreneurs to attempt to capture value from what has historically been wasted. The state’s Department of Mineral Resources is in the process of writing new field rules that could call for production restrictions in order to curb flaring.”

Source: Petroleum News Bakken

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Aware of the Flare

November, 2013

“Flaring is the most pressing issue and biggest challenge for regulators and operators in the Bakken shale. Flaring also presents the greatest opportunity. Roughly 1 million cubic feet of natural gas is produced per day in the Williston Basin. Of that, 70 percent is captured and sold. The remaining 30 percent is what compels regulators and industry officials to constantly craft flaring legislation, operators to install takeaway infrastructure or test new capturing technology, and local and national reporters to drive the region’s gravel roads photographing the tallest, brightest orange flare burning against the North Dakota skyline for a magazine cover or newspaper front page.”

Source: The Bakken Magazine

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N.D. Mineral Rights Holders Sue over Flared Gas

October, 2013

“A group of North Dakota mineral rights holders have filed suit against 10 oil drillers for burning natural gas at remote well sites. Energy companies frequently flare away gas as an unwanted byproduct of more lucrative oil production, due to the difficulty of capturing gas and bringing it to market. But the rights holders, who are seeking class-action status for their Wednesday action, argue that mineral owners have seen millions of dollars of potential royalties go up in flames.”

Source: EnergyWire

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