[Our Promise]

Our team thrives on innovation

Applying its innovative technology, only GTUIT provides comprehensive solutions to capture flare gas at the wellhead and repurpose that valuable energy resource for beneficial uses for industry and communities.

Our Promise

  • We are driven to innovate and develop solutions to energy management challenges.
  • We take our engineering expertise, intensive in-the-field research, and our determined work ethic to solve problems.
  • We know that all the technology in the world cannot replace integrity, no-hassle dependability and business acumen.
  • We work diligently to optimize energy resources and add value for our clients.
  • Our technology recovers energy and redirects it toward beneficial uses in developed and underdeveloped communities.

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“Construction, operations, and communications have been excellent. The turndown ability, that is the ability to move an entire trailer to a new site and save on all costs (not just equipment lease) at the original site is a huge plus. And move time is top class.”

Jess B.
Facilities Engineer
Bakken Asset Team